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The first ever Nail Salon in Salem opened in December 2020, We take pride in introducing an exclusive Nail Salon to salem and running it successfully. We also Received the Nail Artist Award 2022.

We have completed multiple Workshops for Reputed Colleges in & around Salem. We provide services including Nail Art, Nail Extensions, Mehndhi, Make up, Nail Courses, Makeup courses and Mehndhi Courses.


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Dr Manjoo Shree

Psychologist, Founder- Lifeolicious

Studio by Shama - Shama is an expert on nail artistry, warm and understanding to each client. The nail art last really long. It saves time and lasts just as long since the actual nail extension is plastic, and you don’t have the oils of your fingers to wear on it. It also dries surprisingly quickly! I only waited about 10 minutes. So, the point of getting a gel is pretty moot. Overall, I loved the look of my extensions. It’s not something I’d want every day, but there’s just something so fun about looking down at long, glittery claws as opposed to ho-hum nails with boring polish. I highly recommend Shama Artistry for her services.

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